The Eswatini Public Procurement Regulatory Agency (ESPPRA) has engaged the Eswatini Economic Policy Analysis and Research Centre (ESEPARC) to conduct a Survey of Market Prices for Common Use Items in all four (4) regions of Eswatini. The Survey seeks to determine the optimum market prices for common use items in the economy, and to make such information accessible to suppliers and procuring entities through an e-Catalogue that will be updated every two years.

As a key stakeholder in the economy, your contribution to the Survey is important and will enable the standardisation of public procurement procedures, improve the efficiency, and effectiveness of the public procurement system.

To implement the Survey, ESEPARC will send out data collectors to visit businesses/suppliers in all four (4) regions of the country to collect the prices for the common use items procured by government and its parastatals. Your business is kindly requested to provide market prices for the list of items that will be solicited by the data collectors. The specifications of the products or items will also be provided by the ESEPARC and ESPPRA data collectors.

Furthermore, through this exercise, the ESPPRA together with ESEPARC will be developing an online platform to register all suppliers of the various common use items in order to automate the collection of common use prices. In this regard, we also kindly request your business details to maintain lines of communication open as we are developing the system to ensure that your input/feedback is well captured.

It is important to note that while prices will be collected from individual suppliers in all four regions of the economy, the e-Catalogue will publish the average price between suppliers that will be sampled for price of each item. In other words, individual supplier prices for each of the common use items will not be made public but will be part of the back-end system (platform) that will be used by regulator (ESPPRA) and the government entities that procure the common use items.