ESEPARC offers training opportunities to ensure that capacity for research and policy analysis within Eswatini, and particularly for ESEPARC researchers, is built. This is meant to meet the Centre’s, as well as the country’s, future learning needs in order to ensure a performance driven workforce and leadership for the entity’s future growth. In ensuring that the above is achieved, the Centre has a provision for training its researchers and those in the public sector at Masters and PhD levels. This provision is meant to focus on areas such as public policy, economic research, and policy analysis. Training is either fully funded by ESEPARC and/or its partners. The main target groups for such capacity building are ESEPARC staff, officers from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Planning and Development, Central Bank of Eswatini, and other government agencies and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Fellowship and Secondment Programme

The work of ESEPARC as a think tank requires high level expertise and exposure at both national and international levels. As such, the Centre has a provision for Fellowship and Secondment programmes, where researchers are given an opportunity to work in other professional research institutions. This is a two-way programme where researchers from ESEPARC can go to other institutions or researchers from other institutions come to work at ESEPARC for a given period of time ranging from three months to two years.

Internship and Mentorship Programme

ESEPARC gives an opportunity to young and energetic researchers to practice professionally in the field of research and public policy analysis. This is through mentorship and internship programmes for professionals who want to develop their research skills and build careers in their respective fields. Internships are either fully funded by ESEPARC or the Centre’s partners. Where a programme is funded by a partner, they define the area of focus, duration of the internship, and the researcher’s level of engagement.

Types of internship categories offered by the Centre are:

Student Internship

For university students who are still undertaking their studies or are at completion level but need an internship opportunity as a requirement for their course work.

Graduate Internship

Offered to graduates with at least a Bachelor’s degree, but no more than an Honours degree.

Postgraduate Internship

Offered to individuals with a MSc or MA degree. These can be recent graduates or practising individuals who need an opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge in research and economic policy analysis.

Workshops, Seminars, and Public Lectures

ESEPARC hosts workshops, seminars, and public lectures to disseminate research findings and policy analysis results to all stakeholders, including government. These activities serve as public education or awareness creation on policy matters. The events also serve as a platform to engage stakeholders through policy debates that enhance the appreciation of research findings for effective and evidence based policy decisions. Effectively, this facilitates easier absorption of research and policy analysis products into the policy making processes for Eswatini.

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