In March 2022, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MoLSS) launched the National Skills Audit Report, which provided a comprehensive analysis of skills and needs for skill development in Eswatini.

The report shared information on the gaps and opportunities for human resource development in the country, highlighting new developments and considerations for policy (visit to view the report).

The report further recommended the development of a National Human Resource Development Policy to align national strategies and development priorities with relevant human capital investments. Therefore, the MoLSS under the Human Resource Planning and Development Unit is inviting all stakeholders to participate in the review of the National Human Resource Development Policy.

The Policy will provide a yardstick for the systematic progression and transformation of Eswatini’s human resource to effectively support economic growth and social development. The MoLSS, in collaboration with ESEPARC, is in the process of gathering views and contributions aimed towards modelling skills development in Eswatini.

As a valuable stakeholder of the Ministry, you are invited to submit your comments and contributions through ESERPAC’s website and social media platforms, or participate in our physical policy consultations on a date and venue to be announced in due course.

Your comments will help to develop a framework that will provide the guiding principles and guidelines for skills development in the country.

The policy under review will also be shared with stakeholders through ESEPARC’s website

Minister of Labour and Social Security
4 October 2022

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