The Ministry of Labour and Social Security in collaboration with the Eswatini Economic Policy Analysis and Research Centre (ESEPARC), is undertaking a National Skills Audit to inform the development of a National Human Resource Development Policy in the country. The information requested will provide us with comprehensive data on the types of skills the industry or labour market demands against the skills supplied by training institutions. It will further provide data on the type, nature, and absorption of skills in relevant jobs. Results of the Skills Audit will only be presented in summary form and individual responses will be kept “strictly confidential”.

The National Human Resource Planning and Development Unit under the Ministry of Labour and Social Security is charged with the responsibility of coordinating the implementation of the National Human Resource Planning and Development Programme. However, there is currently no adequate information to inform human resource development in Eswatini. Information on the types of skills in abundant supply versus scarce skills is at best non-existent and so the Ministry of Labour and Social Security is embarking on a study to understand the profile of skills that make up the labour market in Eswatini in relation to the skills needed by the different sectors of the economy.

Therefore, the National Skills Audit will provide invaluable insights on how the country can leverage its education system and labour force to achieve the country’s development vision. The overarching aim of the National Skills Audit is to provide insights to government, employers, education and training providers and individuals on Eswatini’s strategic skills needs. It is a key component of developing the labour market through a needs-led approach to skills development: one that not only ensures that current demand is effectively met by the skills system, but also future demands are identified, anticipated, shaped, and stimulated.

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