ESEPARC and KOBWA collaboration is aimed to positively contribute towards Eswatini’s Economic and Development Agenda

On the 29th of March 2021, the ESEPARC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Komati Basin Water Authority (KOBWA) officially forging a partnership. The MoU represents a statement of intent by KOBWA and ESEPARC to work together on imparting positively Eswatini’s economic development.

KOBWA is a bi-national institution established to manage the development and use of the water resources of the Komati River Basin between the Kingdom of Eswatini and the Republic of South Africa. It is recognised as a leading entity in sustainable integrated trans-boundary water resource development and management. KOBWA’s objective is to create the wealth necessary to enhance the social and economic development of the beneficiaries in the Komati Basin.

Under the MoU, ESEPARC and KOBWA agree to collaborate on social and economic research. Among other institutional engagements to create collective intelligence on the past and future developments of the Komati Basin. This strategic and timely partnership between the organisations will stimulate interactions with the various sectors of the economy (especially the water and agriculture sector) to exchange and cross-fertilise ideas on how to leverage the KOBWA for effective and impactful management and expansion of trans-boundary water infrastructure. The partnership is expected to create a stock of knowledge that will drive innovation on the management of the water infrastructure, enhance the development of the sectors dependent on this water infrastructure and establish evidence-based programming and expansion of KOBWA’s footprint on the Eswatini economy.

“KOBWA is excited to work with ESEPARC, and is looking forward to a fruitful partnership for the next three years,” said Temangcamane Maseko, the Acting CEO. The MoU also includes some programs to be implemented under their corporate social responsibilities. Overall, the partnership will inform programmes of the authority and sustainability going forward.