Good DRM policies on paper, lagging implementation

While Swaziland has very good policies on paper, implementation still remains a challenge, which needs to change if the country is to improve its preparedness, mitigation, adaptation and resilience to droughts and other disasters in future. This is one of the recommendations made in ‘The…


SD’s investment in R&D not in line with Vision 2022

It seems science, technology and innovation are still a novel concept in Swaziland, as seen through the minimal expenditure the private and public sectors commit to research and development. A Swaziland Economic Policy Analysis and Research Centre (SEPARC) survey reveals that Swaziland currently spends about…


PPPs in research needed to drive economic growth

Public sector research institutions need to develop strategic partnerships with indigenous Swazi companies to drive technological innovation to ensure sustainable economic growth and poverty alleviation, says Swaziland Economic Policy Analysis and Research Centre (SEPARC) Executive Director Dr Thula Dlamini. Speaking during a seminar hosted by…

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