The Swaziland Economic Policy Analysis and Research Centre (SEPARC) is a semi-autonomous entity that was established in 2008 through a joint funding arrangement between the Government of Swaziland and the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF). The overall goal of SEPARC is to build sustainable national capacity that must improve the quality and timeliness of public policies in Swaziland, within the existing national policy and legislative framework.


To be the think tank of think tanks.

Mission Statement

To be the Kingdom of Swaziland’s leading institution in public policy research and analysis, providing timely, evidence based, contribution to policy formulation and implementation process and procedures, thus shaping a better future for the nation.

Core Values

The core values of SEPARC are:

Credibility: We conduct reliable, accurate, and impartial research that will enhance economic welfare for Swaziland.

Accountability: We hold ourselves responsible for delivering research of the highest standard and for giving policy advice that will enable effective decision-making.

Innovation: We find new ways to make our work more efficient, impactful, and user friendly, so that we can expand our footprint as the first-choice research provider in economic policy.

Holistic Approach: We deal with research problems in such a way that our solutions eradicate the root cause of each problem.

Reciprocal Relationships: We choose our relationships in such a way that all parties benefit.