Zenani Mhlanga

Research Graduate Intern

Zenani is an undergraduate student at the University of Swaziland, where she is studying for a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Economics and Agri-business Management. She is on a six-month internship with SEPARC, where she is determined to learn, gain experience, and be mentored in agricultural economics. She hopes the internship will enable her to build a solid foundation in research.

Zenani is currently assisting on an ongoing study titled ‘The Economic Argument on Why Governments Intervene in the Provision of Large Infrastructure Projects: A Case of Dams in Swaziland’. At the university, she is a member of the Agriculture Economics Management Society, which enhances students’ educational experiences, encourages them to participate in group activities to develop personal and professional relationships, learn leadership and organisational skills, and serve the community. She is also part of the mentorship programme that provides new students with a supportive environment that will motivate and assist them to develop to their maximum personal and academic potential.

Research Graduate Intern, SEPARC

Undergraduate student at the University of Swaziland
Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Economics and Agri-business Management – (UNISWA)