Nompulelo Dlamini

Graduate Research Intern

Nompulelo Dlamini is a Graduate Research Intern at the Eswatini Economic Analysis and Research Centre (ESEPARC). Her research interests are on teenage pregnancy and youth development. She has previously worked as a data collector at ESEPARC, Active Quest, the Eswatini Competition Commission, SWADE, Ministry of Health, and Swaziland Electricity Company. She also worked at the Management Development Institute and MC Data for Dashboard in South Africa as a Data Capturer and Validator.

In early 2017, she assumed the position of Data Analyst at the Eswatini Tourism Authority, before moving to UNFPA where she was a Demographic Researcher for the 2017 Population and Housing Census. To upskill herself in the field of research, Nompulelo participated in the 4th African International Conference of Statistics in Polokwane, South Africa. Nompulelo holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science (Economics and Statistics majors) from the University of Eswatini. She also has a certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation from Japanese International Cooperation Agency.


Teenage pregnancies and youth development

Graduate Research Intern, ESEPARC

Data collector – ESEPARC, Mbabane (SD)
Data collector – Active Quest, Mbabane (SD)
Data collector – Eswatini Competition Commission, Mbabane (SD)
Data collector – Swaziland Water and Agricultural Development Enterprise, Mbabane (SD)
Data collector – Ministry of Health, Mbabane (SD)
Data collector – Eswatini Electricity Company, Mbabane (SD)
Data Capturer and Validator – Management Development Institute and MC Data for Dashboard (SA)
Data Analyst – Eswatini Tourism Authority, Mbabane (SD)
Demographic Researcher – UNFPA

B.A., Social Science (Economics and Statistics) – University of Eswatini (SD)
Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation – Japanese International Cooperation Agency